Look at the exhaust system; does it look like it needs replacing soon? While under the bonnet, look for signs of flaking paint and rust around the panel joints at the front of the car.

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This could denote repairs that were made after crash damage. Does the wear on the interior of the car match the mileage on the odometer?

Buying a used car from a dealer

A low-mileage car with very worn seats and pedals could have been clocked. Open and close the doors to check they work correctly, and examine the rubber seals for signs of paint, another indication of crash-damage repairs. Look down the side of the car to see if all the panels and bodywork line up smoothly. Be suspicious of wavy panels or cars with uneven gaps between panels.

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  8. When on a test drive, the brakes should feel responsive and provide adequate stopping power when travelling at speed. Check all items work correctly, including electric components.

    This should include windows, sunroofs and electrically adjustable seats, as well as the stereo and infotainment system. Got a motoring question? Our experts are standing by to help, just tweet us your question using askwhatcar. For all the latest reviews, advice and new car deals, sign up to the What Car? What Car? More for you How to buy a new car with What Car? Extended car warranty guide Seat Leon Cupra R Estate Abt review: price, specs and release date Seat el-Born electric car revealed: price, specs and release date Best and worst coupes Jim Holder.

    Buying a used car

    Here are the key points worth closer inspection:. Be suspicious of a very clean engine bay. Has it been cleaned to hide something? Should you buy a new or used car? Find out here. Our experts are standing by to help, just tweet us your question using askwhatcar For all the latest reviews, advice and new car deals, sign up to the What Car? Buying a new car. Money owing on the car If there is money owing on a vehicle you purchase then you risk losing it — whether or not the security interest is disclosed.

    So, before you buy a car, make sure you check if there is any money owing on it. Buying a car 'Sight unseen' When the car you want is too far away, you might be tempted to buy it without seeing it and have it delivered. Pre-purchase checklist. Work out your priorities What do you really need?

    Compare makes and models Check online car reviews and forums Check safety and fuel ratings rightcar. Check your finances How much do you want to spend?

    Buying a used car: the ultimate guide (Sponsored)

    Look at how much money you have coming in and going out sorted. View and test cars Does it look and feel right? Call in the experts Does everything stack up?

    Before you sign on the dotted line Are you getting the best deal? Let NZ Transport Agency know you bought a car nzta.

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