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iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 design

I have quite large hands, but the 6. And that makes for a trade-off you have to live with when doing anything else. New S Pen features are awkward.

Make your iPhone Look like the Samsung Galaxy S8 (iOS 10 - 10.2 Jailbreak)

Older models have had similar functions that allow you to use the pen to remotely take a photo or control a slide deck. My handwriting broke the phone. My handwriting is not…good. No headphone jack.

Mistake #2: No

The cameras seem like a step backwards. The largest is a megapixel wide-angle camera that can capture a degree field of view, and the phone can take some great photos outdoors in good lighting.

iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 | TechRadar

Beyond that, I found the phone to struggle. Photos in less-than-perfect light were far fuzzier than I expected. My food photos remained fuzzy:. The front-facing camera also appears to still need some work.

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Selfies in low light were also very poor. And, as with the Galaxy S10 , the gimmicky AR emoji mode still needs some serious work:.

This thing is slippery. It slipped off multiple tables and chairs during my time with it sorry Samsung , when other phones I had with me were staying put.

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To its credit, none of those spills seem to have caused any damage to the phone. Generally when choosing phones, I tell people to choose a brand they like, and buy the top model they can afford. The phone is just too big for my hands, and I still have concerns about the camera. But boy oh boy does it look a lot like the iPhone 6. That was the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the phone last month.

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It became even more apparent Monday when I saw my colleague's white iPhone 6 sitting next to my white Galaxy S6. The Samsung Galaxy S6 left and the iPhone 6. Business Insider.

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That's a bummer. Samsung clearly wanted to take design seriously this year by using an all metal and glass construction. But instead of coming up with something original, it looked to the iPhone for inspiration. On the other hand, the Galaxy S6 Edge, which has a curved screen, looks far more unique. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.